Situated in Holyoke, Massachusetts, this abandoned tower is a popular hiking spot. Now covered in graffiti, the stone tower is blanketed in vibrant colors. It’s popular with student photographers, hikers, and edgy urbex teens looking for a hangout spot.

I went there to create photogrammetry 3D model of it. To do this I flew a drone around the tower while taking pictures of it. After capturing 365+ photographs, I processed them into this 3D scene.

Scotts Tower | Holyoke, MA by Crew Froebel on Sketchfab

It’s challenging to capture the entire tower in a single picture. Of course with a 3D model, there’s no need to be limited by a two-dimensional frame. Like a photograph, this 3D model represents a moment in time.

I also captured this video while I was out.

Scotts Tower | Holyoke, MA | 4K Drone Footage from CruFro on Vimeo.

This isn’t my first 3D model of Scotts Tower. I created this video several months ago just a day after purchasing my first drone. It was a creatively liberating experience.

2021 is an exciting time to be a creator. This decade offers nearly endless opportunities. It’s just a matter of discovering them. 😉